April 25, 2012

A Vintage Wedding

June is around the corner. And, it is without a doubt the most popular time to hold a wedding. Whether you are the bride who has been planning for months, or the guest excited to see your friend tie the knot, a major focus will always be on style.
Maybe you are one of the lucky ladies whose mother kept her chic wedding dress in perfect condition to pass down to you. If so, congratulations. Because for most of us, if we go that route, the only option is the tiara, lace and puffy sleeve fashions from the 1980s. Best wedding photo ever. If this is the case and that isn’t your style, it’s time to shop. Wearing something that you won’t regret 20 years down the road is sometimes more important than family tradition!
If you will be a guest of the happy couple, prepping for a wedding can be incredibly time consuming. You want to be dressy but not too dressy, of course. But you want to look amazing and unique! Enter vintage style.
For both brides and their exceptionally fashionable guests who are interested in shopping vintage, there are a few things you can do to get your shopping trip kicked off on the right foot.
The first thing you need to do is take your measurements. Sizes have changed dramatically, as have the shapes of women over time. You can go to your local alterations store for this (my preference) or do them yourself.
Next, define your style. Are you the simplicity and sweetness of the 1950s or do you tend to think more Jackie-esque and dream of the 1960s? Whatever your style is, being comfortable is a must.
So, now you’re ready to shop. Remember, this is Texas, so why not think short. How much fun would a mod dress for this occasion be? Cotton or linen are perfect options for our warm evenings and are just what summer ordered.
Whether you end up choosing vintage locally, online or off-the-rack at Nordstrom, enjoy the big day to the fullest and smile…because wedding pictures last a lifetime.

Image from: wedding photo

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