About Me

I'm Amber, thanks for visiting my blog! I live in Fredericksburg, Texas, where I'm a social media manager. I have been blogging since 2006 here and there to keep my family updated on all of my fun adventures when I lived in North Beach in San Francisco.

Hobbies and Things I Adore:
Spending time with my family and friends
 My Yorkie Lola, My Chihuahua Trixie
Texas wine
Sci-fi, especially Dr. Who
Leopard print
Red Nails
Pretty Jewelry
Texas history

My three most played songs on my iPod are: 
Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers
 Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes
Shampoo by Elvis Perkins in Dearland

Find out more here: 20 Things You Don't Know About Me

This is Lola
Who is Viola Pearl? She was my great-grandmother and my mom's loving grandmother. She lived in Kansas. One of my most vivid memories of her is hanging out in her garden, eating fresh tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper when I was very young. Some things just stick with you.

I hope you enjoy the Viola Pearl blog. Please take a moment to say hi-I love meeting new friends!


  1. I like your blog name, it's unique and the meaning behind it is sweet. :) And btw your doggie is so cute!!

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