June 12, 2012

The Colors of a Watermelon

Hands down, my favorite fruit is watermelon. Unfortunately I am on a sugar-free diet and they are too high in sugar for me to eat-oh the pressure to look great in summer wear, right?! But I digress! One of the wonderful things about watermelon season is not only the fruit-but the beautiful colors of the fruit. From deep to bright reds and pale and hot pinks to various shades of greens, it is really pretty and each one is a little different.

This inspired me to find some watermelon-inspired clothing, accessories or nails-maybe this will tide me over until I can have the fruit again! Are there any fruits or fruit colors that inspire you?


  1. loving these colour posts!!! Inspiring! Happening all week I hope!

    1. Thanks so much Carlie! Yes, I guess they have both been pretty colorful so far-I didn't even realize haha!


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