August 15, 2012

20 Things You Don't Know About Me

I thought I would take a break today from the pretty things I love and share a few things about myself. Yep, it's a pretty long list but why not go all out if I am going to make a list, right?! I hope you enjoy...and hey, why not do the same-I would love to know more about my blog friends!
  • I am obsessed with technology and Apple products. I have owned every version of the iPhone on launch day. For the iPad 2, I waited in line nine hours to get my hands on it. Luckily my mom had volunteered to wait with me, so we camped out with our chairs and had a blast!
  • I started carrying a purse at age two. And, I am still obsessed with purses.
  • I miss my Yorkie Harley incredibly. She was with me for 16 years and she passed away two years ago this September. It is one of the hardest things I have gone through...I think of her everyday. 
  • In December, I took a sewing and screen printing class and had a blast! Around that time, the idea for Viola Pearl was born. Since then I have started this blog and opened an Etsy store.
  • My favorite "color" is leopard. 
  • Those pet commercials featuring Sarah McLaughlin make me cry. I have to mute them and can't look until they are gone. 
  • I am extremely talkative but can be extremely quiet and focused. Usually when I am quiet, my family thinks something is wrong with me. 
  • My favorite food in the world is my mom's lasagna. Every Christmas she makes it instead of a traditional holiday meal. I look forward to it every year because it's the only time she makes it!
  • One night when I was living in San Francisco we had bad rain and hail-my building on a rock cliff ended up having a landslide {rock came out from UNDER our building crashing down below} and I was evacuated by police at 3 a.m.! I was in Red Cross housing for two weeks. 
  • I can't stop watching BBC shows. It started with Sherlock, then I bought the whole modern Dr. Who series. Then Survivors, Torchwood, Whitechapel and The Fades. I also just finished the second season of Downton Abbey. 
  • My obsession with photo apps is intense. I have 50ish photo-related apps on my iPhone and copies of those plus more on my iPad. 
  • My parents bought me a Honda Spree for my 12th birthday. At least six of my friends had them as well and I'm pretty sure we looked like a moped gang driving around the neighborhood. 
  • I started a Facebook page for my most recent employer back in 2008. I grew that page to be the largest Facebook fan page among real estate brands, with 40,000 fans. That page was my baby {besides Lola}!
  • My signature look since college has been wearing a flower in my hair. 
  • I think my favorite place to be when relaxing is on a beach sipping pina coladas...which is exactly where I was in the beach photo above in Aruba last year!
  • Movies I could watch over and over again: The Goonies, Serenity, Escape from New York, Fight Club, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jumanji.  
  • I was born in an Indian hospital in Oklahoma and am a tribal member of the Osage Indian Tribe. 
  • My favorite season is fall...I love the clothes, cold fronts, festivals, decorating for Halloween...everything!!!
  • I am currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King. This is my first book to read of his and it's all about history and time travel. I am a {total} science fiction geek.
  • I feel like I am finally figuring it all out in life...but I am guessing in five years I will look back and think that I had no idea what I was doing!


  1. I definitely have to turn the channel when those sad animal commercials come on. My two year old daughters are obsessed with purses and I'm sure that won't change, because their purse obsessed aunt loves to buy them new ones. I just started watching Doctor Who last week and I can't get enough. I know it's a worm hole. Who knows where it's going to take me!

    1. I hope I am lucky enough to be an aunt like that someday! :) I think the new season of Dr. Who comes out this fall...I can't wait! It is completely addictive!

  2. great to get to know you a lot better!! much love!

  3. hhaa your favorite color made me laugh, this is so cute!


  4. What a lovely post to read! Thank you! You are a beautiful person both inside and out!


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