May 20, 2010

Three Vintage Pieces You Must Add to Your Wardrobe

How many times have you been out in your new outfit, only to find five people wearing the same Old Navy get-up that you had to have? It has happened to all of us. Everyone wants to be unique when stepping out on the town for the evening, or even when hitting South Congress for lunch. And while there is nothing wrong with shopping at chains, don’t forget to step up your personal style when doing so. One way to do that is by incorporating three key vintage pieces into your wardrobe.
Vintage boots are a great statement piece that are timeless and can be worn year round by both men and women alike. Brands are even catching onto this craze; last year Nine West came out with a vintage line. New is easy and can be tempting, but instead, look for 1970s Frye boots or an old pair of dusty cowboy boots at a local Austin shop. Don’t be afraid to take risks - boots come in a variety of colors, heights or shapes that are easy to find. For women, you’re lucky to be able to pair your boots with anything! Some of the best boots are showcased by wearing them with skirts, dresses or even shorts. No matter what you pair your boots with, the best part about buying vintage boots over the new…you won’t have to break them in. Major bonus.
Another great vintage basic that can do no wrong is vintage denim. Think jean jackets, jeans, skirts, shirts and the summer-friendly denim vest. Really, any denim works. Some of today’s hottest styles are torn jeans like were seen on the Dolce & Gabbana runway for Spring/Summer 2010. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars (or more in some cases) to get that torn, worn-in look that is so popular now-buy some that actually are. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, make your own. Some designers likeChloe are skipping the torn denim style for a patchwork look. Reproduce this look at home by pairing iron-on patches purchased at your local fabric store, or even Walgreens, with your vintage jeans, and voila.
For a powerful statement, vintage jewelry is an absolute must. Pair a bold necklace with a chain-store bought T-shirt and you’re sure to turn heads. In the past couple of years, vintage jewelry has become even more popular since celebrities like Rachel Zoe have showcased their passion for it, and it can be a bit expensive. But, you can still find good deals by shopping local events like Fredericksburg Trade Days, just a short drive from Austin. They have a variety of booths that carry vintage brooches, necklaces and rings at many price points.
So remember – on your next shopping trip, be sure to add a vintage piece to your wardrobe. Start with any of these three items and you’re on your way to creating a unique style that is both comfortable and creative. Just remember to top it off with your fabulous personality and confidence.

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