December 9, 2011

2012: The Year of the Tangerine

Pantone announced the color of the year for 2012, Tangerine Tango or Pantone 17-1463, and I couldn’t be happier. If you aren’t familiar with Pantone, they set the standard on color matching system across the board, which used by graphic designers and home decorators alike. So, if a designer uses a specific color and sends a brochure, for example, to print, utilizing specific Pantone colors ensures your color will turn out exactly as you would like it to. So back to tangerine or any variety of orange. My love affair with the color might have begun as recently as the movie I am Love. Her light tangerine-colored pants mixed with a cool blue chambray top literally made me drool. Such a beautiful mix. Of course, her wardrobe throughout was incredible. Here are some of my favorite “orange” picks:

Tilda Swinton in I am Love

J Crew Dodo Case for iPad

Pantone 17-1463 Wall Color
Orange PopPhone

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