March 22, 2012

Love Everything

Sure, Valentine's Day is way over, but I am totally in love with love. I bought my love pillows a couple of years ago at Red and my love for love pretty much stopped there.

Well, that love has sparked again. I recently ran across a love ring on Etsy, which is made of wire, and all over the site. I JUST got mine in the mail today after a weeks long wait. It is incredibly cute on. But I thought I would spare you the image of my non-manicured hands, so this shot is from the Etsy Website. Best is under $15!

Some other things I love: I am Love, the movie. Tilda Swinton is great showing me a completely different side. She is so pretty, so elegant, so stylish. I also love the font used in the movie posters.

Love artwork. Seems to brighten any room I have seen on Apartment Therapy. Makes me think I need to try screen printing it on totes.

Last but not least, love graffiti. This popular photo spot is from Jo's Coffee in Austin.

ring / movie / poster / graffiti

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