April 3, 2012

DIY: Hang Artwork Quickly and Easily

Usually when I buy artwork or any accessories to hang on my wall, I end up with multiple holes in the wall where things just didn't line up perfectly. It was fine when I was in an apartment but once it was my own condo...I didn't want to have to worry about repainting a wall. I bought some vintage film reels (at Red, of course) to go over my tv and was given a tip on an easy way to hang a group of photos or accessories. 

First, pull out that old wrapping paper from Christmas and lay the white side up on the ground. Next lay out the group on the paper how you plan to arrange it on the wall and use a pencil to mark the placement of your art and your nails. (As seen in the photo above...yes, that is a Yorkie helping me!) Then, using tape, hang the wrapping paper on the wall where you plan to hang the photos or accessories. Finally, put nails up where you marked the paper. Rip the paper down, hang your artwork. This worked great for me, hope it works for you! 

Images from: group of photos

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