April 15, 2012

I Heart San Francisco

My city by the bay. Frisco. San Fran. I lived in San Francisco for a few years before moving to Austin. I don't think I ever stopped being a tourist the whole time I was there. I bought San Francisco snow globes, coffee mugs, took the 49 mile scenic drive more times than I can count...and probably should pay rent to Alcatraz. Sometimes I still get that yearning to see Chinatown and the Bay Bridge out the same window (my living room had the BEST view). So, with my new love of Treasury Lists on Etsy, I created one for San Francisco. Except, these trinkets are more art and less kitsch. Here is my favorite piece that I probably need to have in the near future for my new desk setup:

Here are other items I found that I really liked. I have already purchased the Muni pass wallet. I figure it will be great for when I am carrying an uber small purse! Plus the pass is from when I actually lived out who knows, it could be my old one. You can find the full list here

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