May 17, 2012

Doggy Chic

Harley was the first dog I started dressing up. She had a rain slicker, fishing coat, pink boots, Harley Davidson name it, she had it and she was okay with it. Lola is a different story. She *hates* clothes. No matter though, because I love to buy toys, clothes and "things" for her. Some of my favorites are non-clothes related.

I LOVE sushi squeaky toys, her skull and crossbones collar and most of all, her car seat. Compared to the one below, hers is actually a little bigger and leopard print. I don't have a carrier like the safari-esque tote, but I love that this one is cotton and has extra pockets. If you have ever flown with your pup (I made the trip from San Francisco to Houston regularly with Harley), you know it isn't easy, so extra storage pockets are a necessity!

Did I leave any must-have accessories off the list?

Safety first! Lola in her car seat.


  1. So cute! Admittedly I'm a sucker for dressed up doggies; they're so adorable! :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

    1. Right, so adorable!!! And, it makes me laugh sometimes...that is always a good thing! ;)


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