May 10, 2012

I'm Going Glamping

I have never been much of a camper-I think the last time I went I was in high school. But lately, I have been interested in camping, or glamping. I think it's because my friend Shay is in a camping group, has a pop-up and all the fun accessories. Yes, the fun accessories! Camping has come a long way since I went-camping has become cute. And, it can't be wrong to want the watermelon tent for my backyard, like right now! 

I think the inside of my tent would look all pretty with ginghams and stripes. And, who doesn't hang bunting and mirrors. You have to make it like home. 

These are my other must haves. 1.) Nomad Cool Box - holds 12 bottles of champagne. 12! Who needs water. If you prefer food to bubbles, it will keep frozen food for five days and or cool for 10. 2.) Provence Rose Roberts Radio - a digital radio with 120 hours of battery life. Easy to carry and small enough to pack. Plus it is cute. 3.) Leopard Flashlight - because you need light, cute light. 4.) Bodum Fyrkat Grill - portable, small and orange, my favorite color. 5.) Hunter Wellies - just because. 

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