May 9, 2012

Like Megan Draper

Each week that Mad Men is on I start to love Megan Draper's style a little more. One of my favorite looks was the orange dress with the chevron coat and big gold chain a couple of weeks ago. When Don left her at the HoJo.

If I were to recreate the outfit I would do it with the following pieces. I like the lines of this orange dress, especially the detail of the sleeves. I think her coat is a little too much for me in white and orange, so I picked out a vintage coat that has the same vibe-I especially love the collar. Last but not least, maybe my favorite part...the necklace. I purchased a similar one from Derng last week on Etsy in the longer length in gold-it is amazing!

Do you like her style or do you miss classic Betty?


  1. I dislike Megan Draper very much. I dislike characters who are portrayed as ridiculously ideal. As someone once pointed out, we might end up seeing Megan find a cure for cancer before the season is over with. She is, without a doubt, the most heavy-handed character I have come across since Jethro Gibbs of "NCIS" . . . or Harrison Ford's ridiculously ideal U.S. President from "AIR FORCE ONE".

    1. She's definitely not my favorite character...but I do love her style! ;)


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