June 15, 2012

My Six Summer Essentials

I admit it...I am high maintenance when it comes to summer. There are certain products and accessories I have to have, or I might throw a toddler-esque fit. Last year we had over 30 continuous days of 100+ heat, so there is a reason-some things just make it a little easier to get through those days! These are my six summer essentials.

1.) Moroccan Oil - my hair is color-treated and Kardashian long, so if I don't want split ends or breakage I have to take care of it. Usually I shower, put this on the ends and put it in a bun for at least an hour before styling if possible.

2.) Rosebud Salve - it seems that my lips are dry year-round. I love this for just a natural glossy look.

3.) Neutrogena Sunblock - I specifically like the Ultra Sheer with an SPF of 30 or above for my face and neck. These are the areas that show the most damage the quickest!

4.) Scala Lanikai Sunhat - I am not the biggest fan of wearing a hat because it gets so hot, but last summer I bought this one to take to Aruba. It actually was a lifesaver and I have used it a lot since. I usually don't sunbathe and rarely let sun on my face, so this was helpful on those long (wonderful) days outside. I have also used it recently when reading outside. To deal with the hair issue I found that putting my hair in a low bun is the best way to go...and it usually creates decent waves.

5.) J Crew Leather Capri Sandals - I specifically like the gold leather capri sandals. I feel like I can wear these from day to night if needed, because they are more sandal and less flip flop.

6.) Garnet Hill Cotton Knit Dress - sleeveless and cotton is almost a must. I have this dress in royal blue and it is cute, while feeling like I am wearing old pajamas. Paired with my gold flats and done!

Some other summer essentials I already have written about: a cute water bottle and lightweight summer necklaces.

Do you have any summer essentials I should try and add to my list?

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