June 19, 2012

My Weekend On Instagram

I can't believe it is Tuesday already! These are just a few of my favorite images I shared on Instagram this weekend. It is by far my favorite application and way to use my my iPhone. Find me on Instagram by searching amberpresley.

1. Thinking back to my visit to the Cliff House in San Francisco. This "Latergram" is one of my favorite images, and remnants of Sutro Baths, which no longer stands.

2. Fruit and vegetables from Lydell's stand outside of Fredericksburg. Best.tomatos.ever.

3. A field of flowers at the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park.

4. Lola waking up...only to have me photographing her.

5. Me, my brother Matthew and my dad. Vintage!

6. Lola standing guard on my parents deck-assuring no lizards or squirrels shall pass!

1 comment

  1. ahh your pup is adorable!!! looks like a great weekend!


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