June 22, 2012

Shoe Review: Saltwater Sandals

When I first saw Saltwater Sandals, I was sure they weren't for me. I don't have the most delicate-looking feet and feared my feet would look like Fred Flinestone's! Big.Block.Feed. Yuck! Then I started slowly seeing them on Instagram, then on one of my favorite blogs. They looked so cute on her and her. They grew on me and my fears diminished. So, I decided to try them out. I purchased gold Saltwaters online from Shipping was fast!

I ended up going down a half size-I normally wear an 8 1/2. I called and spoke to a sales representative that said 99 percent of people size up. I guess I am in the one percent and am happy I sized down! The reason-I personally don't like to have too much room in the toe area when wearing any sandal. It is definitely a preference since it doesn't look bad-I just have a fear of tripping over them (someone *might* be clumsy).

Initially they were pretty tight on my foot but quickly seemed to show a little give. In the shoebox, they provide instructions on how to loosen them by pulling the leather outward. My first day, against my better judgement, I wore them for eight hours. I feared blisters! They weren't bad at all, although still a little snug on the top of my foot. I have heard that wearing a sock with the sandal will help, which I might try this weekend.

The bed of the sandal is flat without any cushioning, so I was surprised not to have achy feet. But most of my time was admittedly spent at a computer. And, back to the no blister thing. I usually can't wear shoes like this because the sides of my feet where the openings are seem to always be uncomfortable on me and cause blisters. But the Saltwaters are really soft on the underside like suede, and were wonderful! I wish more shoe companies would learn from this.

Overall I would recommend them. I really want red or black next. Do you own Saltwaters and if so, what color should I get next?

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