July 27, 2012

Inspiration Board: Glam Dressing Room

I am not sure when it became okay for guys to have a man cave and the ladies, well, not so much. I was reading a post by Amanda at It's an Easy Life and she was explaining how she doesn't have much space for her lovely shoes, so she would like to display them...but her husband isn't really going for that idea. She has a great idea though (IMO), and it got me thinking about dressing rooms. Or, maybe in Amanda's case something for her shoes...or me and all my purses! This room could be any gals combo sitting room, dressing room, a place to read, an escape, while also storing jewelry, shoe and purse collections. It would have to be girly and cozy, with pink accents {at least in my case}. Ultimately, a mix of shabby chic and modern style or a hodge podge of everything I love and just perfect. These are a few of my favorite things...


  1. I'd LOVE to have a dressing room like this! Hoping one day it'll be a reality when I move out of my 1 bedroom apartment and into a larger space. Have a great weekend, Amber!

    The Tiny Heart
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    1. It is definitely my dream room! You have a great weekend as well Sharon!

  2. love love love! the things you posted on the bottom remind me so much of my room! it's shabby chic bedding all light pink and white with some green and black and white photos of audrey hepburn...crazy!

    xo brie


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