November 14, 2006

The Li Po...Good Drinks, Better Popcorn

When you have visitors in town, you no doubt will take them to Chinatown. My mom and Rene visited this weekend. After shopping in Chinatown I took them to the best little bar in Chinatown, the Li Po. Unfortunately, the elder bartender wasn't here to make us popcorn. My mom and Renee had Mai Tai's with a "special ingredient" which was clearly Sake. It was quite tasty, but I stuck to my Tsing Tao beer. My mom said she had never had a Mai Tai before.

This place is great except for the dangerous steps that lead to the bathroom, so watch the heels ladies. Love the jukebox...plenty of Supremes, Patsy Cline etc.

So, the popcorn. Gwen, James and I went to the Li Po on one particular night when the elder bartender was working. He made some popcorn for himself and it smelled so great. Somehow I talked him into making us some...fascinated by this mystery popcorn...mind you after many beers, then many vodka cranberries, then many glasses of wine and probably a shot...I found out he bought it at Costco. He thought I was weird I am sure. But, seriously Costco popcorn is good. Later, James who wasn't as impressed bought me some Paul Newman popcorn. I still love elder bartenders better, although Paul's was good.

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