October 25, 2006

Harley loves Sunday

Columbus Cafe on Sunday. If you go after 4 beers are 2-for-1. You get a token for the free beer and can use it anytime. Pretty decent bloody mary's and I love the brother/sister bartender team.

So, this bar mostly rocks because they let Harley in. Note how calm and comfortable she is in this setting. Yea, she is the perfect bar dog.


  1. I'm not a dog-hater. But doesn't Harley look a bit drunk and forgotten on this pic?
    So how ARE u doing?

  2. I can promise she was not drunk or forgotten. As a matter of fact she turned down the tequila shot I offered her.

  3. 2 for 1 and TOKENS!!!??? Sounds like we could get in some definately trouble here, especially with guzzlers ;)

  4. OMG...guzzlers.

    Guzzlers + berry wine coolers = bad Amber...

    And, I think it was Guzzlers + budweiser = bad Miss S...


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