March 25, 2009

Rothenburg, Germany

It has been snowing all day and I think we will be seeing snow until
Italy. We just stopped in Rothenburg (pictured here) for lunch and
shopping. I am getting good at zeroing in on what I want to do in each
town. My friend Holly told me how much I would like Rothenburg and she
was right-it is a beautiful and quaint town surrounded by a wall from
the medieval times.
I am also really liking the simplicity of our meals and food here.
Yesterday I had for breakfast a slice of cheese and croissant, lunch
a bratwurst and roll then dinner soup, a piece of fish with spinach
and rice. I won't say it has been easy getting used to the food here-I
barely ate in London. Food in London is another story-ewwww fish and
chips and a new American classic "Bam" - will write about that later.
Eyes back on the road for now...
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