March 28, 2009

The Last Snow Day-I Think

We went to the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne today-although the view
was covered in clouds it was fun to play in the snow! It took almost
30 minutes on the gondola-scary but worth it. I think I look rather
snow angel'ish!
Our new friend Andrew from Australia got pegged with a snowbal by Lyle
from South Africa-snow when down his shirt-too much fun. I would say
one of the best aspects of this trip is being on vacation with people
from all over the world.
Last night we went to a Swiss folklore dinner with much yodeling,
playing music on a broom and saw and a conga line. I drank a stein of
beer, glass of wine and then drank Andrew's beer he received for
yodeling on stage.
We are off to France later today.
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