August 26, 2010

My Texas First: Perfect Summer Hair

As long as I can remember I have heard stories of a seemingly ultra-exclusive, expensive treatment for hair that got rid of the frizz. Why is this a big deal? First off, I am a Leo. This means I am somewhat obsessed with my mane. Secondly, I live in Texas with somewhat naturally curly, frizzy hair. Third, it seemed something that the stars did and who doesn't want shiny, perfect hair like Julianne Moore or Jennifer Aniston?!

So, a few weeks ago my stylist and super good friend took a class to give Brazilian Blowouts. I had one last week and I had to share my before and after pics because it is so incredibly amazing.

On the left is a photo of me after work. Now, to be fair I had just brushed my hair out. Typically I spend about an hour a day straightening it or an hour and a half straightening and curling it. So, there were two big tests on whether or not it would work for me: could my hair be frizz free after hours on a patio in 100 degree weather, and could I wash and go.

The answer is yes to both. First of all I tested it when I went to Polvo's on Friday night. I sat outside for 3 hours and it still looked fantastic-no frizz. And, on day 7 and I can wash and go-with a great look and still no frizz. This is a lifetime first for me. I was told it should last a couple of months. Time will tell...and I will keep you updated.


  1. So you really were talking about your hair! Surely there are other countries with which to regionalize beautification proceedures. Bolivian blowout anyone?

  2. bolivia's one of the poorest countries in the world, and i think landlocked; brazil has sexy music, a sexy language, gorgeous beaches, beautiful women, and, um, more...


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