July 14, 2011

On My Mind Today...

I want a garden...I would like to grow mint, basil and tomatoes to start and see how I do.

Vacation can't get here soon enough. Only one week and one day to go and the days are SO long.

Fresh flowers really do make me happier and it might be the best $10 I spend every week.

Waiting is hard.

I wish it would thunderstorm really really good on a Saturday I am hanging at home, but not this Saturday because I am starting my birthday week celebration.

I am thankful for Facetime. Even if my parents only live 1 1/2 hours away it is nice to see them.

On that note, I feel really dorky when I Facetime and don't like to look at myself.

Should I or shouldn't I wear a tiara on my birthday when I am on vacation. Note, I will be on the beach.

Please don't die plants!

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