July 14, 2011

Surviving a Breakup on Facebook

It is hard enough to go through a breakup. And, now add social media to the mix...the whole world knows your relationship status. I recently got a call from a friend that wanted to change her relationship status on Facebook but didn't want to deal with potential comments on the fact that she was getting divorced. Helping her adjust her privacy settings made me think more people might want to know how to do this. So, here is a quick tip to ensure that your breakup isn't blasted for all the world to see:
  • Before you change your relationship status, go to your privacy settings
  • Click on "Customize Settings"
  • Under "Things I share" click on the drop down tab for "Relationships" and choose "Custom"
  • On the "Make this visible to" drop down choose "Only Me"
  • Now click "Save Setting" - don't forget this part!
  • It should say "Only Me" now for "Relationships"
  • You can now make the change to your relationship status
It will seem to post on your profile, but don't worry only you can see it...but go ahead and delete the post if it makes you feel better. I would wait a couple of days before you change the settings back from "Only Me" to be safe.

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