January 24, 2013

Product Review: Essie Nail Stickers

I {finally} took off my Gelish polish this weekend and have been itching to try my first batch of Essie Nail Stickers. As I mentioned, I looked and looked for these after spotting them on Instagram. I'm happy to report that I tried them and {love} them! This is my first pair of nail stickers to try, so I can't compare them to others. Here's the skinny:

The Good
  • They're really easy to apply. It only took me about 15 minutes to do...counting the two times I messed up on one finger. Luckily you get plenty in the package so it's okay to mess up. 
  • They look really beautiful on. I think they are a bit more classic looking than others I have seen.
  • I got a lot of compliments, and it's fun to share new finds with other ladies!
  • One day down and they still are on!  
  • They cost $10, much cheaper than a manicure and just as cute.

The Not So Good
  • I kept snagging the end of one finger on stuff today-it has a bit of a rough edge where I filed it down. I think I might add a clear coat on top to make sure it lasts.
  • You remove them by putting oil on your cuticle. Now this is GREAT because the gel manicure and acetone is damaging. But, I use oils when I style my hair and am a little worried they will lift. 
  • They cost $10. Let's hope they last just as long or longer than a mani at this price. 
Overall, I would definitely recommend them! I have a few other pairs and I imagine I will get better with each application. 

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