January 12, 2013

Saturday Find: Essie Nail Stickers

Today I went to the nail salon for a much-needed gel polish and pedicure session (I went with Red Roses in the Gelish line and it's amaze). Afterwards, I headed towards CVS in search of the elusive Essie Nail Stickers I had read a review about on Bella Sugar. This was my second trip searching for them. And, today was my lucky day, hidden by the socks, reading glasses and canes (leopard print canes!) I found them.

They are really cute in person, even more than in the promo pics on the Essie site. They only had one set of the style photographed above in stock (my absolute favorite), which I grabbed, along with a really soft neutral leopard and red with gold dots. Although I can't report on how well they'll work, I will say they are beautiful and definitely a step above the style of other brands that have been around longer. Once my gel nail polish is ready to remove  I'll let you know my thoughts. If you happen to have a review for them, please post it in comments...I would love to read it and link to it here!

Photo and review from Bella Sugar.


  1. I just tried the grey with stones- I have used sephora opi nail strips and Sally Hansen nail strips with long wearing success (7-10 days). The Essie stickers are different. They look great- but they are stickers and don't meld with my nails the way the other brands do and they do not last very long. I literally had them on overnight- and the ends were peeling by the next morning. I'm so irritated that I'm taking them off. A waste of $12. Also- for the other brands I put a top coat on to make it last longer. I tried to put a top coat on the Essie stickers to make them last longer and the weirdest thing happened. They shriveled up right on my nails. Do not use a top coat with them.Ultimately- they would be ok for a night out- but they are not for me.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Gretchen! I guess it depends on our nails or the specific strips? I tried them yesterday and they look great...I did find that the ends are a little jagged though. I did a top coat and it is holding so far...fingers crossed it stays long enough to be worth it! I will have to try the Sephora OPI nail strips and Sally strips...thanks for the suggestion!

  2. This looks amazing!! I love how pretty it is! I am really lucky to find your blog. I Love gel polish kit so much :)


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